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Affiliation: 8thIPP  JinShin, Department of mechanical engineering

Internship organization and period: Korea Atomic Energy ResearchInstitute(KAERI) / January 4, 2016 ~June 24, 2016 (6 months)

Performed job: Experimentassistance / Clerical assistance


 AlthoughI majored in mechanical engineering, my primary interest was in powergeneration rather than automobile and naturally I attended many lectures onthermal fluid. As I sought a job during the second half of the last year, I hadto recognize lack of ability. This motivated me to apply for IPP. Among many benefitsof IPP, the first was a valuable chance to see the practical applicability ofthe techniques that I learned in the undergraduate school. I learned many toolsand conducted a lot of practices during the four years of college. However, Iwas always suspicious of the feasibility of implementing those techniques in realwork condition. Using knowledge and tools, which I learned in the college, andparticipating in real work processes provided me a lot of motivation for thisarea. I came to study dynamics more deeply as I applied those theories andprograms during the internship. This long term internship helped me moreconvinced of my aptitude and career. I am certain that this internship will bean asset to my competitiveness in job seeking. What I performed in KAERI will bea great help to prepare for NCS-based employment. That 6 month period left me agood experience and much useful knowledge.




Affiliation: 8thIPP  JinKim, Information technology division

Internship organization and period: THINKWARE / January 4, 2016 ~ June 30, 2016 (6 months)

Performed job: Webdevelopment and publishing


 Franklyspeaking, when I apply for the web marketing team of THINKWARE for IPPinternship, I did not consider types of duties but only wanted to know thegeneral atmosphere of the company. I think I was lucky to be accepted forweb-related duties. The last 6 months was full of useful experiences. Along withmy original purpose, which was to understand the atmosphere of the company, Iwas able to learn many skills of web development and publishing and alsoenhance marketing-related knowledge. Consequently, I have chosen my career pathto a certain extent. Although I learned a lot about web, especially front-endin THINKWARE, I still have some parts to be improved. That's why a lot morehard training is needed to catch up the latest technological trend. The webmarketing team was a perfect place to me, because I am interested in software,especially programming. IPP in THINKWARE has grown me a lot.




Affiliation:8th IPP yeonUhm, Department of industrial management

Internship organization and period: Korean Skills QualityAuthority (KSQA) /January 11, 2016 ~June 30, 2016 (6 months)

Performed job : Supportfor integrated assessment, administrative and clerical works


 Sixmonths of IPP in KSQA gave me a valuable opportunity to learn different thingsfrom what I learned in the academic world. This experience helped me improve mycompetence greatly, thus I feel profound gratitude for having a chance toparticipate in IPP program. Most of all, I was happy to be able to see myability more objectively during the IPP internship. I could identify clearlywhich types of tasks fit me well or not. Such a clear diagnosis of my meritsand demerits naturally showed me concrete solutions for maximizing merits andminimizing demerits, which led to some clues to finding appropriate career tome. Tasks in KSQA revealed my merits and demerits, and the most remarkablelesson that IPP taught me was the importance of close attention down todetails. I could make it a rule to keep meticulous in performing my duty. IPPconvinced me that I wanted to advance to the HRD field. Generally, IPP was agreat experience which allowed me to think about my future.




Affiliation: 8thIPP  jiKang, Department of architectural engineering

Internship organization and period: POSCO E&C / March 2, 2016 ~ August 31, 2016 (6 months)

Performed job: Supportfor construction execution       


 WhenI decided to participate in IPP in the seventh semester of university, I aimedto end IPP without leaving any regret behind. I expected that IPP internshipwould help me grow up and learn many new things. I spent every thinking it wasthe last chance to experience the "site". For the six months, Ireally experienced and learned a lot of things from working for the buildingteam in the construction site of the Buddhist temple in Cheonan. The empty wildbuilding and park site, where people were exposed to construction materialssuch as cement and plaster boards, has turned into a neatly finished temple sothat residents and necessary equipment can move into immediately. I resided atthe site from the early spring, where the last cold snap did not diminish yet,to the middle of summer where cicadas chirred. As a member of the team, Ijoined the finishing works. Maybe, for that reason, the neatly finished sitemakes me especially feel great. Of course, I regret that I could do better atthat time, however, the six months in the construction site of the Buddhisttemple remains to me as invaluable experience. Everything was great and everymoment was a gift to me.




Affiliation: 8thIPP  eunLee, Department of architectural engineering

Internship organization and period: GIANT Co., Ltd. / January 4, 2016 ~ June 24, 2016 (6 months)

Performed job : Cultural event brandingand design


  Thesix months in GIANT has been the fastest six months in my life. At the same, Iam sure it was the most useful period. Experiencing design-related works in acultural event agency not only improved my ability as a designer but also gaveme a good chance of reflecting on my job inclination and social adaptability.This internship drove me to be highly interested in the areas of designing andmarketing. The collaboration with designers of cultural events provided me amuch wider perspective on a project. Like other careers, in the design field,the earlier the concrete career search and decision are made, the better resultcould be produced. I think IPP is a very efficient and effective program whichhelps students with their job search and decision-making. I will make use ofthe experience of IPP to enhance my competence in designing, storytelling andmarketing, thereby becoming a good art director.




Affiliation: 8thIPP  juSong, Department of mechatronics engineering

Internship organization and period: Hyundai Heavy Industries / January 4,2016 ~ June 17, 2016 (6 months)

Performed job :Project Technical Building            


 Forsix months, from January to June, 2016, I worked as an intern for thearchitecture design team of ship electric engineering department in theoffshore plant division. I could learn and practice various types of hard andsoft skills during that period. My main job was LQ (Living Quarter) design, andI had to become proficient in related professional programs. In particular, PDMS [Plant Design Management System]was a program for plant design. I think that the expertise in that program willbe greatly useful for being employed in a plant-related company. As I played aleading role in cooperating with other teams, I could get a reputation for thejob performance. During the internship period, I could experience the workprocess and organizational culture of a big company. Definitely, this will beof great help to my future career. Working at the architecture design team ofship electric engineering department in HII gave me an opportunity toexperience company culture seriously. From this experience, I have become verypositive feeling that I will make it at any organization.




Affiliation: 7thIPP eunMoon, School of industrial design and architectural engineering

Internship organization and period: BANDIMALL/ August 24, 2015 ~February 29, 2016 (6 months)

Performed job: Webdesign and shopping mall management        


 The internship in BANDIMALL was not easy, butit was a priceless experience. Since I began to study in the department ofindustrial design engineering at KOREATECH, I could not find a type of designsuitable to my aptitude. This IPP internship provided me a chance to experiencethe work of web designer. Initially, I was not used to the Photoshop program.However, working as a web designer trained me in the program and thecooperation with other web designers allowed me to learn many skills andknow-how. The job of web designer became more attractive. This played a crucialrole in setting a concrete future plan. Now I have a dream of working forBANDIMALL.




Affiliation: 7thIPP  hunChang, School of energy, materials and chemical engineering

Internship organization and period: KoreaInstitute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) /August 1, 2015 ~January 29, 2016 (6 months)

Performed job: R&Dproject support (Porousabsorbent)


   Workingas a researcher for KITECH was a very useful experience, because I could learnnot only know-how of performing experiments but also skills of searchingnecessary information from published papers. My main job was to support for thefabrication of adsorption cooler. I participated in many experiments and had tosurvey academic papers to acquire necessary knowledge. This was a very usefulpractice of searching data and consulting necessary papers, since I hardly hada chance to read a paper at the university. In the beginning, it was not easy,but searching and reading papers was much more interesting than expected and alot of knowledge, with which I acquainted myself, was a pleasant outcome.Before the internship at KITECH, I had not decided whether I would seek for ajob or go on to the graduate school. However, as I participated in manyexperiments and heard advice from a lot of people, I became convinced of myfuture career. The internship program was a great time where I discovered anaptitude for research work of this field. Surveying research data andconducting experiments really delighted me.




Affiliation: 7thIPP  limSong, Department of architecture engineering

Internship organization and period: POSCOE&C / July 28, 2015 ~ January 29, 2016(6 months)

Performed job: Official work and design  


  In POSCO E&C, I worked at the officialwork team for the first two months and then moved to the design team. Workingat different parts made me experience various aspects of these fields. At theofficial work team, I learned document processing skills and interim paymentcalculation, which can be useful every part in this field. The design teamtrained me in interpreting drawings and comparing between drawings andconstruction process, which are basic skills for a qualified student ofarchitecture engineering. 

 Among other things, my main job at the designteam focused on PPT document. I had to not only a basic frame but also preparea complete material. I felt really great about making the PPT material that asite manager would present and official documents to be submitted to Anyang-si.

 Thebiggest lesson from the internship was that every work should be done step bystep and anything suspicious should be shared with teammates. I also keep inmind another lesson that every work process should be goal-oriented.




Affiliation: 7thIPP  jinHan, Department of industrial management

Internship organization and period: Korean Skills Quality Authority (KSQA)/ July 1, 2015 ~ December 31, 2015 (6 months)

Performed job: Supportfor evaluation work of training institution


 Mymain job in KSQA was to support for the special evaluation. The IPP internshipprovided me with a valuable chance to learn a lot of things from playing aleading role in many works. Among other things, I learned how to talk withclients, adapt myself to teamculture, report to senior, prepare a report, set a meeting, write minutes andsupport for a briefing session. Besides, I also learned rules of etiquette atoffice and manners at a company dinner.

 Definitely,those experiences will make me more proficient in both management support andother areas. I could feel that my ability was improved during the IPP period.In addition to basic skills for office work, I want to get qualifications formore practical works. At present, I need to improve relationships and myability to utilize computer and excel program. Further, I will try to developproficiency in managing a project and grasping problems.




Affiliation: 6thIPP  yeonKim, Department of industrial management

Internship organization and period: BonIF/ January 26, 2015 ~ July 10, 2015 (6 months)

Performed job : MarketingPR     


 Iworked at the marketing PR field in BonIF. From the experience, I realized thata good marketer should be an early adopter who is sensitive to various culturetrends and contents. This is because a successful brand should be completed andreleased before a related trend begins to spread, and such a quick actionshould be based on swift understanding of consumers' desire. While I worked asan intern, I had to make materials related to monthly new menu and brandexpansion. Doing this job made me think that prior grasp of trend would createmany chances of proposing fresh ideas. At the beginning of the internship, anassistant manager recommended me to join a reading club of the company. I felta little burden, since I did not enjoy reading. After 4 months passed, I reallyappreciate that manager. In the club, we read one book a week, and I have read10 books, which included both management and marketing related books. Readingbooks covering various subjects helped me form an attitude suitable forperforming my duties. I had some difficulty in handling peculiarcharacteristics of franchise chain marketing. But finally I could overcomethose problems by finding some satisfactory adjustment. The internship was agreat time for me to learn a lot of valuable things and grow up as a marketer.




Affiliation: 6thIPP  kyunKang, School of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Internship organization and period: KEPRI/ March 1, 2015 ~June 30, 2015 (4months)

Performed job: Researchassistance  


 TheIPP internship was a good chance for me to learn about ESS (Energy StorageSystem), which I had been interested in for a long time. As an undergraduatestudent can hardly experience a professional research institute, everything Isaw in KEPRI was fresh and enjoyable. I appreciate such a good experience.

I worked at the ESS research group andparticipated in many experiments. Fortunately, I could join in writing a paperusing the experimental results, which was to be presented at the annual summerconference of KIEE (Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers). Preparing thepaper as one of contributors taught me a lot of expertise and I became moreinterested in this field.

I am going to seek a job when the IPPinternship terminates. I will make best use of what I have learned and felt inchoosing my future career. I will digest the experience of four months. Atpresent, I want to get a position in either battery or PCS-related company.Besides, I will not remain satisfied with finding an interest in those areasbut continue to accumulate related experiences to decide which type of dutywill be suitable for me.




Affiliation: 6thIPP  heonKim, Department of mechanical engineering

Internship organization and period: KoreaTrade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) /January 2, 2015 ~ June 30, 2015(6 months)

Performed job: Supportfor business cooperation 


 TheKOTRA IPP was a relatively short term program, but it was long enough toexperience the social life which could only be imagined. As a undergraduatestudent, I was curious about life at work and had some idealized imagegenerated from media. However, the real experience of a company, which IPPoffered to me, relieved me of such uncomfortable illusion and so made me feelat ease. Most of all, I was happy to meet new friends while working at KOTRA.

.In addition, it was alarming thatthere were many opportunities to make use of my expertise which I learned atthe university. Knowledge about mechanical engineering helped me much withefficient and accurate execution of the duties.

 IPP also expanded my horizons. The work ofglobal partnering demanded that I respond to buyers from many foreigncountries. From the communication with them, I could understand trends ofglobal markets of each field and get a grasp of emerging technologies.Consequently, I could broaden my view of the world.




Affiliation: 5thIPP  jun Lee,School of energy, materials and chemical engineering

Internship organization and period: KoreaAtomic Energy Research Institute(KAERI) /August 25, 2014 ~ February 13, 2015(6 months)

Performed job: R&D    


 It may sound strange, but when I was a kid, I dreamt of being a freakscientist who retires into a remote laboratory located deep into the mountainsand develops various things, like those typical characters starring in someold-fashioned animations. IPP was the first stepping stone to realize thedream. In the beginning, as I was excessively conscious that I was just anundergraduate, I was afraid of not being helpful to the researchers. However,it was only unfounded fear. In a comfortable atmosphere, I could talk withother members of the institute. For my questions about experiments, everyonegave me a very kind response. They made me feel free to suggest an idea aboutexperiments and tried their best to reflect it. Perhaps, the most remarkabledevelopment in my ability, which resulted from IPP, is the competence to surveypapers. While studying at the university, I had no idea about papers. Most ofthe problems to be solved during the course work could be answered bytextbooks. That's why I had no chance to read a paper. On the other hand,research activities at KAERI applied the latest developments of technology ornew experimental methods that were not found in books. Accordingly, it wasabsolutely necessary to refer to published papers. Six months was a short timebut at the same time it was long enough to form a close relationship with themembers of KAERI. Looking back to the experience in KAERI, I can say that thedecision to participate in IPP program is one of the best choices made in mylife. I would like to express my deep gratitude to researchers of the industryteam, the professor of IPP center and all other staffs. With their help andsupport, the six months at KAERI was a valuable time for me.




Affiliation: 5thIPP  moYang, Department of mechanical engineering     

Internship organization and period: BoschRexroth Korea / August 4, 2014~ February 3, 2015 (6months)

Performed job: Productmarketing     


  Ihave thought about the meaning of the six months of internship quite deeply.Whenever somebody asked me about the program, I tried my best to convey what Ifelt about it to him/her as effectively as possible. The internship was anopportunity to realize what is important in practice, a vaccination for sociallife and also a useful period revealing lack of my ability and suitable career.If I spent the same period at the university, I could not have such a wonderfulexperience. The significance of the internship for me cannot be replaced by anyother thing. Those thoughts and feelings will have a positive effect on myfuture. During the IPP period, I could meet many people working at variousparts. Working and talking with them helped me understand the characteristicsof each division such as marketing, purchasing, technical sales, engineeringand commissioning. Many books seem to underline the importance of finding andunderstanding divisions of each field. Anyone who executes a job that is fithis/her aptitude can enjoy it and make a good result without much stress. Inthis regard, the internship was very useful for me to acquire practicalinformation and to understand important characteristics and necessaryqualifications. The most remarkable result of the internship was that I becameconfident about which division of mechanical engineering fit me. If anyone asksme about IPP program, I will recommend him/her to participate withouthesitation and then share the experience with me.




Affiliation:5th IPP  wooKang, Department of design engineering

Internship organization and period: Daekyo/ August 25,2014 ~ December 24, 2014 (4months)

Performed job: Editorialdesign 


  Twotimes of internship had a crucial effect on my future plan and occupationalview about respectable designer. I am determined to make the four months ofinternship a foundation for my shining future. I think the true significance ofIPP program is that a participant can experience a real social life which auniversity course can never provide. Some people say they could see the realworld of jobs only for one or two months, but judging from my experience, evenfour months was not sufficient. If I had applied earlier, I would haveexperienced the program for a longer period. Nevertheless, I learned a lot forfour months. I will utilize all the know-hows learned from Daekyo to create abetter future.





Affiliation:5th IPP  ra Cheon, Schoolof energy, materials and chemical engineering

Internship organization and period: MECCo., Ltd. / January 2,2014 ~ June 27, 2014 (6months)

Performed job: 2D/3D design


 This year, I participated in IPP internship in both semesters. For over8 months of internship, I could learn many skills of design. With respect tosociality, I could have a close relationship with teammates and other employeesso that I worked as if I were one of employees. The four months of IPPinternship in MEC was a conclusive time for verifying my choice of career.Although four months is not long enough to be a ground for judging everything,one thing I can say definitely is that the internship in MEC gave me anopportunity to become familiar with new trend of design. This has broadened myview of the area. Design works done at the university tend to be limited toeasily accessible and conventional subjects, but a design office always triesto develop a new trend using various ideas and subjects. Thanks to such anatmosphere, I could experience various attempts. In addition, I have becomeproficient in 3D/2D tools and changed my view of design. Finally, MEC acceptedme as an employee. I will try my best to be a proficient designer who canperform a simulation of LED light.


Affiliation: 4thIPP  hong Kim, Schoolof energy, materials and chemical engineering

Internship organization and period: KEPRI / January 2, 2014~ June 27, 2014 (6months)

Performed jobs: Researchon high-temperature components of gas turbine  


(1) Challengein a new environment

  I had to consider a lot of things beforedeciding to apply for KEPRI as IPP internship. That was because the last yearin the undergraduate school seemed to a really crucial time and I thought therewere many other things to be done. Besides, I was anxious to get used to a newenvironment. However, the internship in KEPRI has made me realize that the fearof challenge stops you from even starting. It took less than one month for theinitial anxiety to turn into pleasure of working with good people in a soundworking environment. If I had not applied for IPP, I could not have a similarexperience to what I had in KEPRI but hesitate over multiple options.

(2)Good people

 -Many of my friends say that their life at work is tough because of theirsenior. Not only choosing a suitable company but also meeting good people isalso very important.

 Theinternship at KEPRI confirmed this simple fact. I was fortunate to work withgood teammates. They always listen carefully to my opinion and kindly taught memany useful things. I felt trusted while executing my jobs. When I recollectthe internship period, I have no memory of ever studying the faces of thesuperiors. I really enjoyed working with them. I don't know what kind of peopleI will meet in my career. At least, I will be a good colleague.

(3)Various research activities and experiences

 -Theinternship was like a graduate coursework. I had to read and survey publishedpapers, and also studied necessary topics for executing research projects.Besides, I had a chance to make a presentation in a conference. I felt likebeing in a graduate school. I appreciate experiencing the good researchenvironment provided by KEPRI. I could make various attempts by using excellentequipment which are secured only in some of the top-level graduate schools. Iam sure this will be an invaluable asset to my future.




Affiliation: 4thIPP  young Choi, Department of mechatronicsengineering

Internship organization and period: OptisPhilippines Inc. /January 2, 2014 ~ June 21, 2014(6 months)

Performed jobs: Productionfacility project


 Before going to the Philippines, I decided to meet as many as people forsix months which seemed to me to be a long period. I was concerned aboutworking abroad, but it took just a few days to realize that such fear wasgroundless. One picture is worth a thousand words. I could quickly getaccustomed to the atmosphere of the Philippine office in virtue of thehospitality and kindness of colleagues. English communication was the firstobstacle. I regret bitterly not having studied English harder. I had a freshexperience of working as interpreter or translator when mediating a meetingbetween locals and my colleagues who visited the Philippine office for businesstrip. As I worked as a member of a project, I felt the importance ofresponsible attitude and expertise.

 Most of all, I could draw a concrete plan ofmy future career, which may be the biggest benefit of IPP. Earlier, I had noidea what kind of jobs and duties are covered by my major. However, theinternship period showed me clearly the characteristics of each division. Now,I clearly understand what kind of companies and which division I should applyfor, if I seek for a job in my field.

 Before participating in IPP, I did not knowabout types of duties related to mechatronics engineering. However, I am happyto have found out a division which I am most interested in. When I belong to acompany as an employee, I will work for a department which takes charge ofreducing percent defectives. I participated in many projects for improvingpercent defectives during IPP. This experience will help me greatly handleduties in my future company. Now, I dream of working as an engineer whoimproves product quality and minimizes percent defectives in a semiconductor,shipbuilding, or automobile company.





Affiliation: 2ndIPP  hunLee, Department of mechanical engineering

Internship organization and period: HyundaiHeavy Industries / January 3, 2013~ June 28, 2013 (6months)

Performed jobs: Detaildesign


  Iwanted to see and learn as many things as possible which I had not experienced.However, looking back on the internship period, I should have tried to learnand experience more things. Working among professional engineers was apriceless experience. It was a good opportunity to understand the organization,work process and overall project execution in a big company like Hyundai HeavyIndustries.

At first, I was overwhelmed by the sizeof offices, dock and factory. However, as I saw the operation of themagnificent Goliath cranes, fabrication shop of shipyard and other fields, I becameso impressed with the fact that those facilities were produced from the ideasof engineers. The magnificent flow of commuters, discussion of design, and technicalmeeting with domestic and foreign vendors were strange to me. I could see thatsuch a big company and numerous projects were operated by the cooperation andendeavor of various experts in many levels. This taught me a lesson that asuccessful performance should depend on a good collaboration between relevantdepartments and organizations.

Along with office work, I had joined ateam dinner many times. This was also a good time for me to talk with and learnfrom superiors. In particular, the manager Youngjun Kim , who is close toretirement under the age limit, has been working only in the field of plant. Asa senior engineer, he showed me a lot of useful things. His advice was notlimited to expertise but also included desirable attitude as a man and employee.Besides, experienced engineers gave me much advice which will be a criterion ofmy future career and life.

By virtue of the IPP internship, Irealized that I had focused only on getting a job at the moment. However, forthe remaining time at the university, I will try to look at myself to form suitableidentity and attitude as engineer. As a result, the internship taught me that,when the expertise is not accompanied by appropriate attitude, the life ofengineer will not be desirable.

As mentioned above, I applied for IPPbecause I was interested in offshore plant. Now, I am sure that I am passionateabout this area. I will compensate for my weak points which I found during theinternship period and make efforts to improve knowledge and language abilities requiredfor engineers. This experience will be a milestone for my future with respectof both career and life itself.



Affiliation: 2ndIPP  eunJeong, Department of industrialmanagement

Internship organization and period: KumhoTire Australia /February 11, 2013 ~ August 2, 2013(6 months)

Performed job: Salesmanagement


 Icould learn a lot of valuable things from the IPP internship. Most of all, Isaw the basic work process of the company. Especially, I was impressed by thepricing process. As for documentation, I learned useful skills of writingelementary reports and using Excel program. The skills for creatingconventional types of function and pivot tables were the main focus in handlingthe Excel program. Although I had already learned those programs at theuniversity, the real practice and application at work made my knowledge muchmore practical and effective. I also preformed an analysis of economicsituation in Australia. This job helped me see the effect of the local economyon a company. I was glad to have a chance to apply SAP to accounting, which Ihad learned only theoretically.

. My main job was price analysis,and I had to utilize SAP for accounting, which was the second job. At thebeginning, I was suspicious of my ability, but I had no difficulty in gettingused to the allocated jobs. I would say that the practical sprit of myuniversity contributed much to such quick adjustment. I had been already wellacquainted with basic knowledge and skills for accounting. In addition, when Iperformed the Excel-related jobs, the undergraduate courses on PC utilization,business statistics and applications, and financial management helped me a lot.The certificate of OA (Office Automation) engineer, which I acquired as agraduate requirement, decreased the necessary time for adapting myself tooffice environment. The basic knowledge obtained at the university helped meperform accounting easily. In this way, I had no difficulty in executing jobsallocated to me by virtue of the theoretical and practical knowledge that Ilearned in the undergraduate course. Now, I am confident that I will accomplishany duty in any company.



Affiliation: 2ndIPP  minLee, Department of industrial business

Internship organization and period: KOTRA/ January 2,2013 ~ June 30, 2013 (6months)

Performed jobs: Supportfor global partnering 


 Iapplied for the internship at KOTRA, since I hoped for some change in myuniversity life. At that time, when the fourth semester was coming to an end, Ihad not decided my own future career path and thus I was a little anxious aboutthe upcoming years. I was also dissatisfied with myself for tending to becontent with everyday life at the university. To get a break from routine, Iwas looking for the exchange student program or outside activities, when I cameto know the KOTRA internship.

 AsKOTRA is one of the representative public enterprises which seem to demand veryhigh proficiency of employees, I thought that I could not work for such anorganization only as an intern. With only this in mind, I had no understandingabout the process or objective of the global partnering team. For that reason,I made many mistakes and it took some time to get accustomed to thecharacteristics of the tasks.

 Atfirst, I was discouraged at my lack of knowledge and preparation. However, theassistant manager, Sora gave me much invaluable advice which helped me a lotboth at work and life. From embarrassing basic question to serious subjectconcerning career, I benefited from every possible favor which I could not haveexperienced in other organizations. The staffs in the global partnering treatedand led me not as mere an intern but as a younger brother. It appeared to methat the characteristic of KOTRA as an organization giving aids was reflectedin the manner of its employees.

 Itook charge of GBP event and also experienced PCO in which I had beeninterested. The internship at KOTRA was of great help to me since I couldimprove my understanding about both the work process of public enterprise andthe global economy. I am certain that my choice of career will get much helpfrom the IPP internship.



Affiliation: 1stIPP  seong Jeong, Department of mechanical andinformation engineering

Internship organization and period: KOTRA/ February 1, 2012 ~ November 30, 2012 


  The above student has succeeded in getting a job in LSIS Co., Ltd., after completingthe IPP internship at KOTRA. He said that the internship played a crucial rolefor this achievement.

 Icould experience a lot of things and expand my view while working at KOTRA asan intern. My image of KOTRA was the front line of global economic war.

 Icame to realize how many attempts and commitment were made by a publicorganization to promote foreign trade.

 KOTRAis an ideal place where an engineering student can use his/her expertise anddevelop the understanding about economy, management and globalization. Iutilized the internship period to think of my aptitude and future career pathdeeply.

 Caterpillar was the first project Iparticipated in for the first time. It was not easy but I learned most whileexecuting the project. Also, I could quite clearly know the detailed reasonswhy so many domestic small and medium sized companies wanted to have a dealwith global companies but most of them failed to sign a contract. Thismotivated me to look at possible measures to be taken at the government level.

 Inaddition, I had an opportunity to visit factories. When a purchasing manager ofCummins, which is a manufacturer of diesel engines, visited Korea, I had toguide him for two days. I was so nervous that I felt one day passed as slowlyas one year. I tried to pay attention to every word and gesture of the buyerand did my best to help him feel comfortable. We had a plan to visit total fourfactories, but before moving to the last destination, the buyer wanted tocancel the remaining schedule because he felt tired from the long distancetravel. Perhaps, that was the most embarrassing moment to me. However, Ipersuade that the cancellation would be impolite in the business world. Thebuyer finally agreed on my opinion and changed his mind. I still cannot forgetthe sense of accomplishment at that moment. I could look back on the successfulexecution of the schedule on the KTX train from Ulsan to Seoul in anencouraging mood. Later, I shared such a successful experience with otherinterns, who guided a schedule containing factory tour, and happily gave themuseful advice.

 Various education programs and forums werealso a special experience. When a topic of a forum was interesting, I asked forpermission in advance and could participate in almost every forum. In thisregard, I appreciate many of seniors for their kindness. If I had not worked atKOTRA but stayed at the university, I could not have participated in those events,all of which were held in Seoul. Preparing and observing an MOU agreementceremony was an exciting experience, since I had seen such an event only on TVbefore. I saw the staffs visit five-star hotels and determine every detail tomake the event excellent. I could know how much sweat they shed for asuccessful event.

. The ten months literally flied.Initially I expected that I would take only miscellaneous jobs, but I wasallocated a crucial role. This was an invaluable experience, because I couldexercise a life at work in advance, which resulted in my enhanced competitiveness.

 Ihope that other students will have such a good opportunity and contribute toimproving the status of the university, KOTRA and Korea.  


Affiliation:1st IPP  kwonPark, School of architectural engineering

Internship organization and period: GyeonggiUrban Innovation Corporation (GUIC) /August 20, 2012 ~ December 19, 2012(4 months)

Performed jobs: Supportfor the housing construction team. 


 In2011 winter, I heard a news that the IPP (IndustryProfessional Practice) program would be implementedfrom 2012 where the program was going to operate for demonstration. Thedeclared objective of IPP was to improve the demerits of the existing shortterm internship and foster creative engineers who are competent in both theoryand practice. I was taking a coursework for a dual major in order to experienceand study as many subjects as possible. My interest in various experiencesturned my eyes toward the attractions of the long term internship program. Iwas eager to apply my knowledge to the practical areas and expected that mycareer plan would take a concrete form. Besides, I thought highly of the socialexperience provided by the internship, which the university coursework couldnever offer. The application process was very similar to the usual process ofgetting a job. In this regard, I could practice such a process in advance.

 Iwas sent to a field office in the Gwangkyo new town construction site. Theoffice took charge of the construction of Gwangkyo Edutown 12BL~15BL apartment and school parks. I worked asassistant architect at a developer office and executed administrative works ofpublic enterprise. I was also sent to the supervisory team and worked asassistant supervisor.

Ladder of my life

 Thelast four months at the housing construction team of GUIC was a time oflearning, realizing and being motivated. The period was filled with preciousrelationship and unforgettable moments. I cannot forget such a remarkable time.

 There is a saying, "Life is aladder." The long term internship at GUIC which lasted for four months wasfilled with priceless experiences that an ordinary university student could nothave during a coursework. I think the four months will be another ladder of mylife.

 Iappreciate Chaephil Lee, the Minister of Labor and Employment, Kikwon Lee, thepresident of KOREATECH, the professor Cheongho Lee, and all the staffs of thehousing construction team. I can definitely say that the IPP internshipdecorated the white drawing paper of my life with beautiful colors thus helpingme prepare for better future.


Dearmy friends

Dear my friends,

 TheIPP internship will be an excellent opportunity to look at yourself and knowyourself better. You can also experience a stage in advance, where you willrealize your dream. I hope that such a good opportunity will be allowed to asmany students as possible. I strongly recommend you to apply for IPP.

 The last four months, where I worked as awould-be office worker, was an invaluable time. I will not replace it with anyother thing. I have no doubt that you will have an excellent experience.




Affiliation: 8thIPP  YoungSim, Department of mechanical engineering

Internship organization and period: HyosungCorporation Co.,Ltd. / March 2, 2016 ~ June 30, 2016 (4 months)

Performed job: Structuralanalysis / Vibration test support 



My main duty in the R&D center ofHyosung Power & Industrial Systems PG wasstructural analysis, and my secondary duty was to support vibration and noisemeasurement. As I choose a career in the design side of engineering, thestructural analysis was a useful experience due to its close relation todesign. I could build some basic knowledge about drawings and 3D modeling,which were demanded by structural analysis, and the collaboration with thedesign team gave me a good opportunity to understand the general work process.If anyone is considering participating in IPP, I will strongly recommendhim/her to challenge it. Actually, when one of my friends asked me about IPP atHyosung Power & Industrial Systems PG, I recommended without hesitation. Thereason is that IPP was a great experience where I could have social experience,improve my job ability, meet good friends and develop a concrete career plan. Asa result, the internship in Hyosung is a valuable asset to my life. I alwaysappreciate all those who helped me work as an intern in such a wonderful place.

IPP 7th Class Computer Engineering ○Seon Baek
Placement institution and period: AhnLab inc./2015.08.17.~2016.02.29(6months)
Performed job: Sercurity Solution.

I had dream of security specialist even before entering university, but I couldn’t decide on which specific field to go to. Thanks to this internship, I was able to meet up with various teams in Ahnlab and experienced how a security breach is discovered, and how programs to prevent such breaches are created through what process. Those experiences helped me chose a specific career as a ‘malicious code analyst.’ In relationship what I felt during the regular patches, I created a program to reinforce the inefficient parts in the process, and I could help improve the work time through my program. With other interns dreaming to be a part of the information security market, I was able to obtain informations regarding hacking contests, certifications and qualifications. I was also able to achieve Linux-master qualification during the internship, and I set up a plan to participate in a hacking contest by creating a security club when I get back to school. I could solidify my goals and recheck on my abilities as an engineer through IPP