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IPP Introduction on departments

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Total of 7 colleges, 4,400 active students
(3,800 undergraduates, 600 graduates)

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Ecofriendly Car · Energy Major
    Computer Application Major
    Intelligent System Major
  • Department of Mechatronics Engineering

    Production System Major
    Controlling System Major
    Digital System Major
  • Department of Electrical · Electronics · Communication Engineering

    Electrical Engineering Major
    Electronic Engineering Major
    Telecommunication Engineering Major
  • Department of Computer Engineering

    Computer H/W Major
    Computer S/W Major
    Smart IT Major
  • Department of Design · Architecture Engineering

    Design Engineering Major
    Ecofriendly Architecture Major
    Architectural Engineering Major
  • Department of Energy, New Material and Chemical Engineering

    Energy Engineering Major
    New Material Engineering Major
    Applied Chemical Engineering Major
  • Department of Industry Management Engineering

    Human Resource Management Major
    Technology Management Major
    e-business Management Major